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LOS ANGELES ( The oft-hexed WB sitcom "Commando Nanny" has been given its walking papers without ever airing an episode.

The show, originally set for the network's Friday comedy block, faced numerous obstacles from the start of its production, from recasting to health problems for cast members to, most recently, the departure of showrunner Rachel Sweet.

The WB and producer Warner Bros. TV acknowledge that "a number of unfortunate and untimely setbacks" helped lead to the shutdown of the show.

"In spite of an extraordinary effort by the producers, cast and crew, we will not be proceeding with production on 'Commando Nanny,'" the companies say in a joint statement. "On behalf of both companies, we would like to thank everyone for their enormous effort and great work."

"Commando Nanny" was "Survivor" and "The Apprentice" producer Mark Burnett's first venture into a scripted series. The show was loosely based on his first years in Los Angeles, when he took a string of nanny jobs shortly after leaving the British military.

After the show's pilot was shot, Kristin Dattilo ("The Chris Isaak Show") replaced Kristin Bauer as the wife of the man (Gerald McRaney) who hires the nanny. Then, Philip Winchester, who played the title character in the pilot, broke his foot as production was about to begin, forcing him to leave the show. He was replaced by Owain Yeoman.

The curse on the show continued in late August, when McRaney had surgery to remove a cancerous growth in one of his lungs (he has since recovered). Production was delayed further, scuttling the show's scheduled Sept. 17 premiere. Sweet left the show earlier this month, stopping production yet again.

Without "Commando Nanny," The WB has been filling the empty half-hour of Friday night with repeats of "Reba" at 9:30 p.m. ET. That will continue for the near future.

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