Biography: AJ  Simon

"Would you hold on a minute please while I kill my brother?"

- AJ Simon
"Dark Side of the Street"

AJ was the perfect son - obedient, responsible, reliable, and intelligent. Okay, so there's a little sibling rivalry between brothers. It doesn't  change the fact that AJ would walk through fire for Rick and knows the opposite is also true. It's been the one thing AJ could rely on throughout  his entire life.

Andrew Jackson Simon was born  in 1952, the second son of Jack and Cecilia Simon. He was a blond, blue-eyed child and his parents doted on him. In Jack's final letter about his children, he describes AJ as a beautiful, golden innocent. (paraphrase, "May the Road Rise to Meet You") Generally a well-behaved child, AJ led a relatively sheltered life for the first years of his life.

That shelter was broken before AJ was ten, however. His father died in what he believed was a car accident. Rick and he both "did crazy things" ("Like Father Like Son")  after he died. Unlike Rick, however, AJ grew out of it  eventually.

AJ looked to his Uncle Ray for a father figure and was sorely disappointed when Ray disappeared when Rick and AJ needed him most. It was  a strong blow to the young boy and his relationship with Uncle Ray never  fully recovered, though they later reconciled to a point("Revolution #9 1/2")

The only father figure left was his beloved older brother. Although AJ knew from an early age that he was more mature than Rick, he developed a deep-seated reliance on him.

He was also very close to his  mother, Cecilia. When AJ had to think through a problem, he brought it to  Mom. When AJ needed rescuing, he knew Rick would always be  there.

The  second big change to his life happened after high school. AJ had been a carefree surfer in high school. Rick headed to Vietnam and AJ had no way  of knowing if he'd make it back. AJ, meanwhile, went to law school to fulfill his childhood dreams of becoming a lawyer.

In college, AJ became involved with the peace movement, hoping to end the war before his brother was killed. In the back of his mind, he was always worried about Rick.  ("What's in a Gnome?")

Rick made it home, a changed and battered man. AJ couldn't understand half of what had happened to his  brother, but he was very glad Rick had made it home. Sometime after Rick returned, AJ dropped out of law school and became a private investigator like his big brother. The main difference was that while AJ worked for Peerless Investigations, Rick worked out of his boat in a less than structured setting. AJ was a valued employee, and Myron Fowler, the owner,  knew he could rely on him.

While at Peerless, AJ met and fell in love with the boss's daughter, Janet Fowler. When Myron was transferred to San Diego, AJ came, too (as did Rick). They were engaged and Janet became an honorary member of the Simon family. She didn't get along with Rick sometimes, but she was  a third child to Cecilia.

Unfortunately, the wedding never happened. When AJ wanted to quit Peerless and go into business with his brother, Janet made AJ choose between them. There was no doubt in AJ's mind - he chose Rick. AJ and Janet remain fond friends,  however.

If AJ knew what he was in for  once Simon & Simon Investigations opened, he might have reconsidered. AJ always did the paperwork, paid the bills, and dealt with the trouble  his brother always seemed to cause. And he often did it as Rick played  pinball or went drinking with Carlos.

In addition, when his boat sprang a leak, Rick parked it the backyard of the house AJ had  managed to buy for himself and basically moved in with his little brother.  Though AJ often complained about Rick's messes, his dog, and his women, you'll notice he never pushed all that hard for Rick to leave.

AJ did have one other serious  love during these years. He fell in love with Liz but lost her to his own reluctance to marry her.

AJ is 5'11" 1/2 and seems to have an eternally young look to his  face. He is a formal, snazzy dresser, an expert chef, a health nut, a wine  connoisseur, an expert detective, and a very tidy house owner. Both he and  Rick have joked about what an expert wife he'd make, but there's nothing  effeminate about this well-built young man. He's reliable, generally honest, straightforward, likes the finer things, and knows how to treat a lady. Though he occasionally goes on lady-killing binges, at heart he's a romantic looking for the right woman to settle down with.


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