Biography: Cecilia Simon

One thing we can say about Cecilia - she has the patience of a  saint. She raised two boys - one of whom was Rick, remember - on her own  and they both turned out okay. Not to say they're always on they're best behavior, but as long as she can reach their ears, she can keep them in line. Amazing  woman!

Ceci lia Simon met and fell in love with Jack Simon presumably some time in the 40s. She had her first child, Rick, a brown-haired, blue-eyed hellion, in 1947.

I can't help but wonder if she knew about the extent of the beatings Jack gave his troublesome son. It's  possible it all happened where she couldn't see it - it's possible she  didn't know any better than Jack did how destructive it was to their young  son.

In 1952, they were brave enough to have another son, Andrew  Jackson, also called 'Andy' and 'AJ'. This blond, blue-eyed boy was an instant favorite of both parents. It was hard not to feel that way - where  Rick was a loner who challenged authority, AJ was charming and (mostly) well-behaved.

When Rick was in his early teens, Jack died, leaving Cecilia with two boys to raise on her own. She had her hands full, to say the least.

Nevertheless, she did well for herself. She raised  two big-hearted sons and could still afford to live in the large home where she had raised her family. She keeps very busy with involvement in a number of clubs and charitable causes.


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