The California Duo

Written by Antoinette Delylle
Translated from French by  Dominique

All cute-all clean, AJ (Jameson Parker) wears suits  and ties and Rayban sunglasses. He is the nice detective in Simon &  Simon. He would have done well if it wasn't for his brother Rick (Gerard McRaney) [sic], always in jeans, who makes him use his more-than-original methods to investigate their case load. [JP] is also the better known of the two since he was one of the stars of the soap opera Somerset. On the  big screen, we've seen him in Dressed to Kill, a Sam Fuller film. From TV series to TV ads, Jameson Parker has become very popular in the  United States where he has been referred to as "the young Robert Redford". Aged 39, he doesn't go out, practice karate and... reads Shakespeare.

Caption: Nice private detective on TV, Jameson Parker, with his wife Bonnie and  their son Christian, is a nice husband in real life.

© 1989 - I dunno. This was an article torn out of a French magazine. If anyone knows which one, let me know. Special thanks to our friend, do, for translating  it.