"Simon & Simon" Jameson Parker:
The Private  Detective

Written by Dagmar Dunlevy
Translated from German by  Diana

sorry for the colors, it's the best I could do  and I just couldn't leave it outJameson  Parker, your favorite from the detective series "Simon & Simon", is kind, polite and a bit conservative in private life. He likes most to wear polo shirts and classic Federation fold trousers and his harmonious family life is most important for him.

"I know that many people yawn about my way of life, they may think that I´m boring."  the 37 year old blonde defends himself. "It is expected from so-called stars that they commit infidelities and that they dance drunk on the table  of Hollywood´s in-restaurants. But this whole party stuff is nothing for me."

As soon as the last clapboard is closed, Jameson sits down in his car. After a long day which begins at 5AM, he will be at home around 8PM.JP and Christian

Th e Parkers  have a comfortable house in the Hollywood hills which is mostly hidden behind trees. Colorful flowers of all varieties bloom in the front  garden.

Jameson´s wife,  Bonnie Dottley, an actress and photographer to whom he has been married  since October 30th 1976, has furnished their house in a romantic style. She is a passionate antique collector.

In front of the  brick fireplace, there are old hand-seamed quilts lying on the flowered couch.

When he walks  in the door, Jameson is welcomed by his dog Max ( a Chesapeake Bay  Retriever). Then he plays with his sons - Francis Jameson (7) called Jamie and Christian (3) - for half an hour or he runs with Max rollicking through the 3-bedroom-house. JP and Bonnie

"If I´m not  baking bread - I know that sounds silly, but there´s nothing better than  fresh bread out of the oven - then I hit the punch bag or practice karate. I also have fun at playing billiards with my wife. Besides we both love to cook and we are avid readers," he says.

TV-brother Gerald McRaney and he are close friends. Both of them often go hunting  together.


© I dunno. This was an article torn out of a German magazine. If anyone knows which one, let me know. Special thanks to our friend Diana, across the pond in Germany for translating it.