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I welcome requests,  but otherwise, adding new graphics will be my last priority until I've finished the rest of the website.

Wallpaper  Collages

To preview the wallpaper, click on the image. If you like what I've done, right click on the full image and select "Set as Wallpaper" Webtv users, please don't directly link. I'll be happy to move the photos of your choice to your  home page for you, just e-mail me.

A  wallpaper with a cornucopia of great S&S shots.


For those of you who live to drool, this wallpaper contains a lot of skin. Rated PG, though. (36KB)




For those who plan on using this at work, a more modest  wallpaper based on the show's opening sequence. Rated completely G.  (35KB)






A peaceful background of AJ's house at night.





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