Biography: Janet Fowler


What can you say about a gal who had AJ and let him go?

I admit, I don't know  much about this lovely, spirited lady, but here it is:

She's the only child of  Myron Fowler. I don't know what happened to her mother.

She was  engaged to AJ, but broke it off because she knew she'd always be second in his  life, Rick being first. Since Rick had the "maturity of a twelve-year-old", she didn't have much faith in AJ growing up, either. She remains close friends with him, though. She even became friends with Rick.

She disappeared of the face of the earth in 1983. She resurfaced briefly in 1986, suffering from  amnesia. Once she regained her memory, the boys learned she's engaged to another  guy. She drove off into the sunset, though presumably she'll find her way back  to AJ by 1995.





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