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Official Sites

A&E Network -  Simon & Simon
Programming details, brief description of the  show,
opportunity to tell A&E how much you enjoy the show
and  how much you'd like them to air it again.

TV Now - Current Month TV Schedules
Gerald McRaney and Jameson Parker
A  listing of every show these guys appear in for the current month -  invaluable!

AAPA Veterans Caucus History
Blurb under 1985 about Mac and "I Thought the War Was Over"

Clarion Ledger
A nice article about Morgan Freeman that also talks about Mac

Covington County Chamber of  Commerce
The proud birthplace of Gerald McRaney

E  Online
Mini-biography, movie descriptions.
They'll also send you  notices when related movies are being shown on TV.

Internet Movie Database
Just in case there's someone left in the world
that hasn't found this site  yet.

The  Navy Public Affairs Library
Further details on Mac's 1993  Thanksgiving visit with servicefolk.

Review of "American Justice"
Fans' views about the movie that starred JP and  Mac

Review of "The Night of Bloody Horror"
A hilarious tongue-in-cheek review of Mac's  first movie.

The President Bush  Library
Transcripts of President Bush's speeches mentioning Mac -
October  3, 1992
and October 27,  1992

Promised Land Website
Details  about Mac's most recent series.

Washington Post  article
Producer Martha Williamson's moving blurb about the  inspiration for creating Promised Land

A very brief description of JP's 1975 pilot film, Crossfire,

Sites Where You Can Get  Stuff

BigStar Movies
Has some of Mac's and  JP's movies for sale.

TV Guide Specialists
They have a good collection of old TV guides,
including ones with Simon & Simon articles

Video Flicks
Has some movies for  sale.

Fan Sites

The Simon &  Simon Home - Come talk to other Simon & Simon fans.

Simon  & Simon - photos, fan fic, character bios, and more!

The Simon & Simon Websoap - Web serial starring Rick and  A.J. Simon. Begins with a thrilling courtroom drama that has A.J.  defending Rick on a murder charge.

DKeezer's Jameson  Parker Page - great photos, facts, and more!

Cy's Simon & Simon Sounds  Page - soundfiles of great quotes!

Simon  & Simon - includes the latest news and links for the guys, plus an  episode and movie guide/message board!

Chachi's Simon & Simon page - trivia, biographies and more!

Chachi's Jameson Parker Tribute Tour - Photos, Biography pure JP!

Melindann's Simon & Simon Sounds Page - lots of soundfiles!

Kenda's Fan Fiction  Library - Many S&S fanfic stories!

The  Simon & Simon Episode Gallery - lots of screenshots from S&S  episodes!

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