Mary Carver's  Biography

Mary Carver was born May 3,  1924 in Los Angeles, California. I can find absolutely nothing on her  early years.

As an adult, she has split her time between working in film, television and theatre. The first  performance I've found record of is during 1951 in Goodbye My  Fancy.

Her films include some very  successful ones, such as "Arachnaphobia," "Bestseller," "Protocol" and "From Here to Eternity." I must say I've seen and loved her performances as the all-american mother to Goldie Hawn in "Protocol" and as the spider-bitten gal in "Arachnophobia".

She has appeared on the  television series "Hearts Afire," "Gabriel's Fire," "Head of the Class,"  "Quincy," "Lou Grant," and of course, "Simon & Simon".

She also appeared on Broadway  in "Fifth of July" in 1981. At the Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles, she  created the role of 'Felicity' in the Pulitzer Prize-winning play "The  Shadow Box". For seven years, Mary appeared in the reading of "Truman  Capote's A Christmas Memory" and was seen in "The American Dream" and "The Sandbox". She holds two Dramalogue Awards for The Fifth of July and A  Christmas Memory. For her performance in "Counsellor-at-Law", she received  her third Dramalogue Award and the Los Angeles Drama Critics Award.

Little known fact - Mary was a professor in the theatre department of the University of Southern California. Those were some very lucky students!

Known  Performances:

"The Visitor" - episode  "Miracles" aired Dec 1997

Plot - With the holidays approaching, The Visitor searches for a member of his family, but is waylaid by a woman about to give birth. The Visitor helps the woman  connect with her estranged scientist grandfather.
Guest Cast: Lori Heuring , Efrem Zimbalist Jr., Mary Carver

Safe (1995) .... Nell

Plot - Young suburban  housewife Carol White (Julianne Moore) is suddenly befallen with illness and discomfort. She soon realizes that her environment is the cause of  her sudden anxiety attacks and nose bleeds. In order to improve her  health, Carol seeks treatment at a New Age retreat in New Mexico that specializes in holistic healing.

Nothing Lasts Forever" (1995)  (mini) TV Series

Simon & Simon: In Trouble  Again (1995) (TV) .... Cecilia

Danielle Steele's Family Album (1994) (TV) .... Louise

Arachnophobia (1990) ....  Margaret Hollins

Best Seller (1987) ....  Cleve's mother

Plot - A sociopathic professional killer, Cleve (James Woods), convinces a best-selling novelist suffering from writer's blocks, Dennis Meechum (Brian Dennehy), who is also a police detective, into writing a book about his illegal escapades. The criminal is out for revenge against his former boss, David Madlock (Paul Shenar), owner of a powerful conglomerate. Cop and murderer develop a tense alliance, further strained when the former learns the latter killed several other cops he knew.

Protocol (1984) .... Mrs.  Davis

Through the Magic Pyramid (  aka Tut and Tuttle)(1981) (TV)

"Simon & Simon" (1981) TV  Series .... Cecilia Simon

Fifth of July. (April 1981)  New Apollo Theatre, Broadway. Starred - Richard Thomas, Swoosie Kurtz, Mary Carver, Jeff Daniels

I Never Promised You a Rose  Garden (1977) .... Eugenia

Glass Houses (1972)

"The Twilight Zone" - episode  "The Incredible Word of Horace Ford" early 1963

Cast: Pat Hingle, Nan  Martin, Phillip Pine, Ruth White, Vaughn Taylor, Mary Carver, George  Spicer, Bella Bruck
Plot - Toy manufacturer (Hingle) literally becomes a child again when he visits his old neighborhood.

Pay or Die (1960)

Kathy O' (1958) .... Marge

Bigger Than Life (1956)  (uncredited) .... Saleslady

Emergency Hospital (1956) .... Anna Banks

From Here to Eternity (1953) (uncredited) .... Nancy

Goodbye, My Fancy (1951) ....  Joan Wintner


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