If you'd like to make one of these WAVs a permanent sound on your Windows 95/98 system, see the bottom of the page for instructions.

The Simon & Simon theme (of course)
.wav file  256KB

The Simon & Simon theme used in the opening of the first season
.wav file  619KB

The last  verse of the theme with words
.wav file  144KB

Rick from "Down Home Country Blues"
A little song I like to call "I Ain't In the Band"
.wav file  418KB

AJ, Rick, Irene, and  Gaines from "Recipe for Disaster"
"100 Bottles of Beer on the  Wall"
.wav file  102KB

AJ from "The Hottest  Ticket in Town"
A bit on whimsy on my part
.wav file  21KB

AJ, Rick, and Henry from "Emeralds Aren't a Girl's Best Friend"
"Oh nooo!" scene in the  prison
.wav 80  KB

AJ from "Shadows"
"What matters is that we take what we are given
and we do  the best we can with it."
.wav 18KB

AJ from "May the  Road Rise Up"
Scene where he reads about Rick in Jack's journal
.wav 181KB

Rick from "May the  Road Rise Up"
Scene where he reads about AJ in Jack's journal
.wav 191KB

Rick, AJ, and Cecilia from "May the Road Rise Up"
Scene from whence the episode  gets its name
.mp3 1.2M

link Rick, AJ, and guy at desk from "The Third Eye"
A little bit of AJ speaking  German
.wav 224KB

link AJ from "The Bare  Facts"
AJ's British accent while speaking to the nudist colony
.wav 298KB

An interview with Gerald McRaney
(after Simon & Simon)
.ram file 46 bytes

Mac as 'Dash Goff'  on "Designing Women"
"You inspire me just standing there."
.wav file 10 KB

Mac as 'Dash Goff'  again
"The kind of woman a man wants in his bedroom when he's sick, and  in his bed when he's not."
.wav file 24 KB

JP quote from The  Bell Jar
"Have you ever seen a man naked?"
.wav file  215KB

JP  quote from The Bell Jar
"I assume you've never gone to bed with  anyone"
.wav file  10KB

Mac quote from The Night of Bloody Horror
Scene between Wesley and girl 'the morning after' a drinking binge
"Did I try-" "Uh-huh." "Uh-huh....Did I  do any good?"
.wav file  22KB

Same scene from Night of Bloody Horror in video clip form.
Warning: this sucker is big
.avi file  4.3Mg

Sorry, the names aren´t available at the moment.

Jenny: jennyaj.wav, jennyaj2.wav, jennycongrats.wav, jennyhey.wav, jennyhiaj.wav, jennynewclient.wav, jennyr.wav, jennyr2.wav, jennyspace.wav, jennywait.wav, jennywaits.wav

Judy: hellojudy.wav

Cathy: cathyaj.wav, cathyrick.wav

How to change your computer sounds:

1. First, save the sound of your choice on your computer. Do this  by right-clicking on the link for that sound and selecting "Save Target As". Give it a name and save it somewhere you can find it  later.
2. On Windows 95/98, select "Settings" from the Start  Menu.
3. Select "Control Panel"
4. Scroll down and double click the "Sounds" icon.
5. You'll see a  list of all the reasons your computer makes sounds - such as New Mail Notification, Exit Windows, Exclamation, etc. Pick one that you would like to change and click on it once.
6. Now, lower in the dialogue box, you can see the title of the sound currently being played when new mail comes in, or whichever situtation you chose. Click  "Browse" to choose a new sound.
7. Find where you  saved the WAV file and select.

Congratulations, now you can have the Simons talk to you every time  you're on the computer! You should hear mine, it's a regular conversation. ;)

(Any problems, feel free to email me. However, I'm only familiar with Windows 95 and Windows 98. For other systems, I suggest checking your 'help' file.)



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