Actor  'Fine' After Shooting; Man Held

by Jim Herron  Zamora

Actor Jameson  Parker, who was shot twice during a confrontation with a neighbor in  Studio City over his dogs, was released from the hospital Friday,  authorities said.

"He walked out our door in fine shape," about 9 a.m., said Barbara Gardner, spokeswoman  for Medical Center of North Hollywood.

Parker, 44, was  wounded in the stomach and arm outside a neighbor's home Thursday night.

The neighbor,  Robert St. George, 52, was being held without bail Friday on suspicion of attempted murder, said Lt. Ron LaRue.

The dispute  began Thursday evening when Parker's wife, Darlene, took their three dogs for a walk near their condominium in the 12000 block of Moorpark Street, LaRue said. St. George yelled obscenities at Darlene Parker because she  didn't clean up after the animals had relieved themselves on his lawn in the 4300 block of Shadyglade Avenue, LaRue said.

When Darlene Parker later told her husband about the confrontation about a block from their condominium, he went to St. George's to discuss it, police said. Parker was then shot twice as he stood in St. George's doorway, LaRue said. "He fell down, feigning serious injury," LaRue said.

"After St. George shut the door, he walked back home."

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