Tim Reid's Biography

Tim Reid, now 6'2", was  born December 19, 1944 in Norfolk Virginia. His parents separated before he was born. He was raised by his mother until the age of nine. She was a  domestic worker and, when Tim was four, married a laborer who abused her.

At age nine, he moved in with  his grandmother. She was a strong woman, but Reid remembers a lot of rough people hanging around the boarding house she ran. He ended up running with  the wrong crowd. At thirteen, his father took custody of him.

He attended Virginia State College as a probationary student where he was active in the civil rights  movement and spent some time at the school's theater. He married Rita Reid  in his senior year, then graduated with a business administration degree.

He moved to Chicago to work  for Du Pont, taking his wife and new son, Tim Reid, Jr. in 1968. Three years later, his daughter, Tori, was born.

As a father, Tim decided to  get involved in the drug programs at the local schools. There he met an  insurance agent named Tom Dreesen, and the two of them became a nightclub act called "Tim and Tom". They stayed together for six years. Shortly  after the act broke up, Tim's marriage ended, as well.

Reid went to actor's school  and worked as a comedian for a topless bar. Eventually, he got a role on television with a Frankie Avalon summer series. He was also doing work in commercials, and in 1972, he met Daphne Maxwell while filming one for  Sears. It wasn't love at first sight, and the two went  their separate ways afterwards.

His big break came in 1978,  when he landed the role of "Venus Flytrap" on "WKRP in Cincinnati". Though  he's gone on to do other substantial work, this is still the role for which he is most famous.

In 1979, Tim, who was divorced by now, was set up on a blind date with Daphne Maxwell. They moved in  together soon after and he had her added into a few WKRP episodes. They had a stormy 2 1/2 year courtship - ''We fought about everything,'' he says. ''We were fearful of not having a commitment, and we were fearful of having one.'' To add even more pressure, WKRP ended in 1982.

Finally, Tim stormed out and flew to Europe. Ten days later, Daphne flew to meet his flight as it  arrived in New York. Tim proposed in customs. Five months later, December  1982, they were married. The storms calmed and they remain married to this day.

In 1983, Tim joined the show "Simon & Simon" just as it was becoming popular. He played Lieutenant Marcel "Downtown" Brown from 1983 to 1987. This time, Daphne was written into 18 episodes as "Temple Hill", Town's girlfriend.

In 1987, Tim got his own show, "Frank's Place." You shouldn't be surprised that he had Daphne written into that show as well.

As a side S&S note, Tim was present at Mac and Delta Burke's  wedding in 1989. Can you feel the love there must have been on the S&S  set?

After "Frank's Place" ended, Tim went on to do "Sister, Sister" and "Linc's", which was the first  series shot at Tim's New Millennium Studios in Petersburg, Virginia. Do I even need to mention Daphne's involvement? Didn't think so. It's a great  testament to their love that they've been able to work together so  much.

Tim Reid has been working  steadily on television for almost twenty-five years. He's also produced, directed and been featured in movies. Just watch him for a few minutes, and it's easy to see why.

Acting Credits:

Alley Cats Strike (2000) (TV)  .... Mayor McLemore

Intimate Portrait: Loni  Anderson (1999) (TV)

"Linc's" (1998) TV Series .... Priest

Out-of-Sync (1995) ....  Detective Wilson

Simon & Simon: In Trouble  Again (1995) (TV) .... Downtown Brown

"Sister, Sister" TV Series .... Ray Campbell (1994-1999)

Race to Freedom: The Underground Railroad (1994) (TV)

Say a Little Prayer (1993) .... Thug

Mastergate (1992) (TV) ....  Chip Chatworth

You Must Remember This (1992)  (TV) .... Joe

Stephen King's It (1990) (TV)  .... Mike Hanlon

Perry Mason: The Case of the Silenced Singer (1990) (TV) .... Jack Barnett

The Fourth War (1990) .... Lt. Col. Clark

"Snoops" (1989) TV Series .... Chance Dennis

Dead Bang (1989) .... Chief  Dixon

"Frank's Place" (1987) TV  Series .... Frank Parrish

"Teachers Only" TV Series .... Michael Horne (1983)

"Simon & Simon" TV Series  .... Lt. M.P. "Downtown" Brown (1983-1987)

You Can't Take it with You (1979) (TV) .... Donald

Little Lulu (1978) (TV) .... Tillson

"WKRP in Cincinnati" (1978) TV Series .... Gordon Sims (Venus Flytrap)

"The Richard Pryor Show" (1977) TV Series

"The Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, Jr. Show" (1977) TV Series

"Easy Does It... Starring  Frankie Avalon" (1976) TV Series

Director Credits:

Asunder (1998)

Once Upon a Time... When We  Were Colored (1996)

"Wonderful Wizard of Oz, The"  (1987) TV Series

Emerald City of Oz, The (1987) (V)

Marvelous Land of Oz, The  (1987) (V)

Ozma of Oz (1987) (V)

Wonderful Wizard of Oz, The  (1987) (V)

Producer Credits:

About Sarah (1998) (TV)  (executive)

"Linc's" (1998) TV Series  (executive)

Asunder (1998)

Once Upon a Time... When We  Were Colored (1996)

Spirit Lost (1996)

Out-of-Sync (1995)

"Frank's Place" (1987) TV  Series (executive)

Writer -

Emerald City of Oz, The (1987) (V)

Marvelous Land of Oz, The  (1987) (V)

Ozma of Oz (1987)  (V)

Wonderful Wizard of Oz, The  (1987) (V)

TV guest appearances:

"Touched by an Angel" playing  "Buddy Baker" in episode: "Last Call" (episode # 3.22) 3/30/1997

"Highlander" playing "Sgt. Bennett" in episode: "See No Evil" (episode # 1.11) 2/1/1993

"Highlander" playing "Sgt. Bennett" in episode: "Eyewitness" (episode # 1.12) 12/7/1992

"Highlander" playing "Sgt. Bennett" in episode: "Revenge is Sweet" (episode # 1.10) 11/30/1992

"Matlock" playing "Danny Miller" in episode: "The Court Martial(Part 2)" 2/24/1987

"New WKRP in Cincinnati, The"  (1991) playing "Gordon Sims/Venus Flytrap" in episode: "flytrapped in  town"

"Matlock" (1986) playing "Danny Miller" in episode: "The Court Martial (Part 1)"  2/17/1987

"Benson" (1979) playing  Benson's brother "Russell" 1982

"What's Happening!!" playing "psychologist" in episode: "It's All in Your Head" 1977

"Rhoda" playing "kitchen helper" in episode: "Guess Who I Saw Today?" 12/6/1976



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