Jameson Parker's Bride Bonnie Reveals: Why She Took His Name Before the Wedding

by Ronnie Warren Ashcroft

My goodness, JP, what are ya wearing?It is the same tastefully lovely apartment high in the air on Manhattan's Upper West Side. The collie still comes up to greet you with a lick. And the couple at home are as warm and courteous and full of good humor as they always were. The difference is  that on October 30th, 1976 (All Hollow's Eve) Jameson and Bonnie Parker  became man and wife. Having been together in an obviously satisfying relationship for two-and-a-half years, the differences in their newly-married state aren't vast - but they do exist. For instance, the  Parker pair seem a little more in love (if that's possible!) and just a little happier that the whole world knows about their new bond.

Bonnie began to  talk about how the marriage came to be.

"We were always  happy the way we were. He was also always introducing me as his wife. It was me who had to tell people I wasn't."

Now it was Jameson's turn to talk.

A very fuzzy picture of JP's wedding"We had been talking about getting  married for quite a while. We had it planned for next April 14th, which  was the day we celebrated as our 'anniversary' anyway. Then I guess people  started to tell us that April was an awfully long time away. I don't know exactly why we moved the date up so much - we just did."

It was apparent  that one of the reasons for the wedding in October was the fact that they were in love and marriage was something that would seal that love with a  firmer commitment. Bonnie and Jameson were married in St. Thomas Episcopal Church on Fifth Avenue.

JP's wedding"During the ceremony I was scared out of my gourd!" Jameson confessed. "I was very, very nervous. An Episcopal  ceremony is nothing you can easily overlook."

Then it was on to the Plaza Hotel where a beautiful reception was held for a couple dozen  of the Parkers' closest family and friends.

Not long after they finished their elegant reception at the Plaza, the newly married  Parkers left for a four-day honeymoon in Barbados.

"We had a great  time," Jameson revealed. "It was idyllic and we didn't want to leave. I hope we get a chance to go back again, but we're going to have a real  honeymoon in May when we go to England, where we have lots of friends. We  want to stay in all the beautiful inns and see the countryside."

Romance is not the only thing going well for the pair. JP and Northumberland, his collie.  Awwwwww.Jameson has the newly-created role of  Brad Vernon on One Live To Live, which he loves. Previously,  Jameson had become familiar to daytime television audiences from his continuing role in the now-defunct series, Somerset, on which bride Bonnie had also been playing a part. Jameson had encouraged her to  audition - which she did successfully - for the character of  Buffy.

Before his stint on the soaps, the actor had appeared in a variety of stock and repertory productions, including Equus at the Coconut Grove  Playhouse in Florida; the New York Theater Ensemble production of Indians, Caligula, as Charlie in Charlie's Aunt, The Philanthropist, Another Part 0f The Forest, The Owl & The Pussycat.  Present Laughter, Rapunzel, I Am A Camera, The Winter's Tale, and Ah Wilderness!

The blond blue eyed actor is an athlete who enjoys boxing, karate, soccer, basketball,  and snow and water-skiing.

As we were chatting, just before Jameson I excused himself to attend karate class - one of his favorite sports which can be pursued in the heart of Manhattan  - the conversation once more turned to the happy event that had changed  his life. Or had it?

"Things are not  really that different," Jameson confided. "We had already lived together for two-and-a-half years."

"But it really feels as though he loves me more," Bonnie added.

"And I frequently still think of you as my girlfriend!" smiled Jameson to Bonnie.

"And you used  to introduce me as your wife before we were married!" beamed Bonnie.

There are so many loving and respectful things going on between them, that you know they will remain a couple in love for a long, long time to come. It showed in their attitude to Bonnie's new acting career, which she pursued under  the name "Parker" even before shedding her maiden name of Dottley.

"I used to be a  stewardess, but I took a leave of absence. I got some work on Somerset,  eventually getting the part of Buffy, and I've auditioned for other shows.  I had always wanted to be directly involved with acting but I lust didn't  have the confidence. Jameson has been so supportive to me. He really  wanted me to do it."

When we asked  them if there was a "theme" to their marriage - something that they had  found within their relationship. Their reactions seemed perfectly synchronized.

"Mutual  respect," they agreed. "And being friends. If you don't have that in any  kind of a relationship it's pretty awful. We talk to each other and we're  supportive of each other. I suppose in a way we're really like best friends."

Then Bonnie  said something which seemed to sum the whole thing up - to paint the  picture more vividly about the way things are now for the Parkers.

"My being home recently (with the demise of the Somerset serial) has been very nice for Jameson. Its been good for someone to be there. Someone to tell your day's  doings to. To share an apple with."

For the  newly-married Parkers "the acceptance of being married" is something  pretty special. Will they have children?

"We would love to eventually," Jameson told us.

"Already, we're  constantly picking out names. Once we took a ride to Vermont and we spent the whole car trip up there picking out names. If it happens that we need a name, we won't be pressed for a good one! "


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