Television Appearances

JP's Appearances

"Promised  Land"
playing "Dr. Smith" in episode: "Take Back The Night" 11/6/1997
Promised Land Website

"Walker, Texas Ranger"
playing  "Sgt. Bob Horne" in episode: "The Brotherhood"
(episode # 5.4)  10/12/1996

"Burke's Law"
in episode: "Who Killed Nick Hazard?"
(episode # 1.3) 1/21/1994

"Murder, She Wrote"
playing  "Dane Kenderson" in episode: "Terminal Connection"
(episode # 8.7)  11/17/1991

"Murder, She Wrote"
playing  "Forbes" in episode: "The Skinny According to Nick Cullhane"
(episode # 7.22) 5/12/1991

"Major Dad"
playing "Evan  Charters" in episode: "Polly's Choice" 3/15/1991

"Whiz  Kids"
playing "A.J.  Simon" in episode: "Deadly Access"
(episode # 1.3) 10/26/1983

"Magnum  P.I."
playing AJ in  episode: "Ki'i's  Don't Lie"
(episode # 3.2) 10/7/1982

"Bret  Maverick"
playing  "Whitney Delaworth III" in episode:
"Faith, Hope and Clarity: Part 2"  (episode # 1.16) 4/20/1982

"Bret  Maverick"
playing  "Whitney Delaworth III" in episode:
"Faith, Hope and Clarity: Part 1"  (episode # 1.15) 4/13/1982

"Simon & Simon"
playing  "AJ Simon" from 1981-1989

"Hart to Hart"
playing "Whitney Rogers" in episode: "A Question of Innocence"
(episode # 1.13) 1/15/1980

Mac's  Appearances

"Third Watch"
playing Glenn Hobart in episode "The Long Guns"

"Third Watch"
playing Glenn Hobart in episode "Sex,  Lies & Videotape"

"The West Wing"
playing General Alan Adamley in  episode "War Crimes"

playing Sgt. Maj. Jarvis Krohn in episode  "Salvation"

playing "Marine Sergeant-Major Wilson Krohn" in  episode: "Miracles"

"Touched by an Angel"
playing  "Russell Greene" in episode: "The Road Home"
(episode # 4.1) 9/21/1997

"Promised  Land"
playing "Russell Greene" in series from 1996-1999
Promised Land Website

"Touched by an Angel"
playing  "Russell Greene" in episode: "Promised Land"
(episode # 3.1) 9/15/1996

"Murder, She Wrote"
playing  "Terry Folger" in episode: "A Quaking in Aspen"
(episode # 12.2) 9/28/1995

"Women of  the House"
playing  "Dash Goff" in episode: "The Afternoon Wife"
(episode # 1.7) 3/20/1995

playing  "Jim Collins" in episode: "The Walk-On"
(episode # 7.17) 2/6/1995

"Diagnosis Murder"
playing  "Det. Andy Ruggio" in episode: "Lily"
(episode # 1.13) 3/4/1994

"Burke's Law"
in episode: "Who Killed the Starlet?"
(episode # 1.1) 1/7/1994

"Major Dad"
playing "Major John D. 'Mac' MacGillis" from 1989-1993

"Designing Women"
playing "Dash  Goff" in episode: "Reservations for Eight"
(episode # 2.22) 3/28/1988

"Designing Women"
playing "Dash  Goff" in episode: "Dash Goff, the Writer"
(episode # 2.6)  10/26/1987

"Magnum  P.I."
playing "Rick  Simon" in episode: "Ki'i's Don't Lie"
(episode # 3.2) 10/7/1982

"Simon & Simon"
playing  "Rick Simon" from 1980-1989

"The Incredible Hulk"
(1978) in episode: "Death Mask" 3/14/1980

"Dukes of  Hazzard, The"
playing  "First Workman" in episode: "The Hazzard Connection"
(episode # 2.7)  11/9/1979

in episode: "Bank Job"
(episode # 1.6) 10/1/1979

"The Incredible Hulk"
in episode: "The Disciple" 3/16/1979

"The Incredible Hulk"
in episode: "Ricky" 10/6/1978

"Logan's Run"
in episode:  "Turnabout" (episode # 1.13) 1/30/1978

playing  "Derrick" in episode: "Aweigh We Go"
(episode # 1.11) 12/22/1977

"The Incredible Hulk"
in episode: "Death In the Family"
(episode # 1.2) 11/27/1977

"The Rockford Files"
in episode: "Hotel of Fear" (episode # 4.10) 1977

"Hawaii  Five-O"
playing "Tim Ryder" in episode: "Target -- A Cop"
(episode # 9.202)  12/23/1976

"The Rockford Files"
in episode: "Rattlers' Class of '63"
(episode # 3.8) 11/26/1976

"The Streets of San Francisco"
playing "Buck" in episode: "Hot Dog" (episode # 5.8) 1976

in episode: "hard labor" 2/24/1975

"The Rockford Files"
playing  "Irv" in episode: "Sleight of Hand"
(episode # 1.16) 1/17/1975

"The Streets of San Francisco"
playing "Jeff Dixon" in episode: "Deadly Silence"
(episode # 4.6) 1975

"The Waltons"
playing "Tim Collins" in episode: "The Book"
(episode # 3.10) 11/14/1974

playing "Winston" in episode: "Photo Finish"
(episode # 3.16) 1/2/1974

"Alias Smith and Jones"
in episode: "The Day the Amnesty Came Through"
(episode # 3.8) 11/25/1972

"Night Gallery"
playing  "Tuttle" in episode: "Deliveries in the Rear"
(episode # 2.53) 2/9/1972



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