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9/12-9/81, 1981

Simon & Simon

Simon &  Simon are brothers - AJ and Rick - who operate a glamorous, freewheeling detective agency in San Diego. Good thing it's glamorous, because it isn't  lucrative. A J {Jameson Parker) is the responsible one; you can tell  because he wears suits. Rick (Gerald McRaney) is some-thing of a swinger;  he lives on a houseboat, wears cowboy duds and carries on with gorgeous  blondes. To keep things interesting, Simon & Simon are buddy-buddy  with Janet (Jeannie Wilson), the pretty daughter of Myron Fowler (Eddie Barth), who operates a competitive and far more prosperous detective  agency right across the street. And between episodes of car chases, car  crashes, car stunts and exploding cars, the sibling sleuths deliver  pro-social messages ("No, I don't smoke") and visit their mother (Mary  Carver), who has messages of her own: "Take off your hat when you kiss a  lady." CBS. Pictured: Jameson Parker (left), Gerald McRaney.



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