Season Seven

New Cop in Town
December 3, 1987

Desperately Seeking Dacody
December 10, 1987

You, Too, Can Be a Detective
October 17, 1987

January 7, 1988

Second Swell
January 14, 1988

Forever Hold Your Piece
January 21, 1988

Tale of the Tiger
January 28, 1988

Nuevo Salvador
February 4, 1988

Bad Betty
February 11, 1988

Baja, Humbug
February 18, 1988

A Firm Grasp of Reality
February 25, 1988

Ties That Bind
March 3, 1988

Little Boy Dead
March 10, 1988

Sudden Storm
March 17, 1988

Something Special
March 31, 1988

May the Road Rise Up
April 7, 1988

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