Season Eight

Beauty and Deceased
October 8, 1988

Simon and Simon and Associates
October 15, 1988

Zen and the Art of the Split Finger  Fastball
October  22, 1988

The Merry Adventures of Robert Hood
October 29, 1988

Ain’t Gonna Get it From Me, Jack
November 5, 1988

Love Song of Abigail Marsh
November 12, 1988

Simon and Simon, Jr.
November 19, 1988

Cloak of Danger
December 3,  1988

The Richer They Are, the Harder They Fall
December 10, 1988

Play It Again, Simon
December 17, 1988

First, Let’s Kill All the Lawyers
December 31, 1988

Shown in Syndication:

Photo Finished

Simon Says “Goodbye”

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