Simon & Simon Appreciation Site (Laura's)

Simon & Simon Appreciation Site (Laura's)

When Laura couldn't keep her webspace any longer, I saved her Appreciation Site on mine. Unfortunately some pictures got lost while transferring the files.

The Completely Unofficial Appreciation Site

Simon and Simon info

Simon and Simon info

My first Simon & Simon info site, online since 2005. Due to "old" WYSIWYG editing tools, this one was difficult to update, so it's only about episode locations, photos and co-stars like Marlowe, the dog.

Simon & Simon - reloaded

Simon & Simon - reloaded

This! - My current S&S site with latest news about Jameson Parker and Gerald McRaney's recent movie projects.
You are already here, the right place to explore interviews and videos!

Grand Marshall of the Burbank Parade !

It was the perfect day for a parade. Crowds lined the sidewalks along Olive Avenue under overcast skies on Saturday, while the 34th annual Burbank on Parade marched, rolled and galloped from Keystone to Lomita streets.
Local business representatives, local and state government officials, school bands and country-western performers all participated in this year’s event with the theme, „Burbank — City of the Wild Wild West.“

(from the article : Burbank on Parade sports a western look by Sal Polcino, 29th April 2015, Burbank Leader )

Of course Gerald Mcraney was riding along, although just shotgun in a beautiful red classic convertible.

Watch the YT video here:

Gerald McRaney in Spark’s THE BEST OF ME

It will make you happy that Gerald McRaney will appear in a movie again – The Best Of Me – as „Tuck“ he will play a major role in the
earlier life of a pair of high school sweethearts which reunite when they return many years later to visit their small hometown.


Shooting began on March 6, 2014 in New Orleans.

The film was released on October 17, 2014 by Relativity Media.





Enjoy Gerald’s talk about the movie and the characters and actors in this video,

brought to you by, Part of the Maker Studios (after the break):