Simon & Simon Appreciation Site (Laura's)

Simon & Simon Appreciation Site (Laura's)

When Laura couldn't keep her webspace any longer, I saved her Appreciation Site on mine. Unfortunately some pictures got lost while transferring the files. The Completely Unofficial Appreciation Site

Simon and Simon info

Simon and Simon info

My first Simon & Simon info site, online since 2005. Due to "old" WYSIWYG editing tools, this one was difficult to update, so it's only about episode locations, photos and co-stars like Marlowe, the dog.

Simon & Simon - reloaded

Simon & Simon - reloaded

This! - My current S&S site with latest news about Jameson Parker and Gerald McRaney's recent movie projects.
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Short interview with Gerald McRaney about „24: Legacy“

Gerald McRaney joined Fox’s 24: Legacy as a series regular.

The 24 spin-off follows Eric Carter (Corey Hawkins), an ex-Army Ranger, and outgoing Counter Terrorist Unit director Rebecca Ingram (Miranda Otto), as they team up to thwart a terrorist attack in Washington, D.C.

McRaney has been cast as “powerful oil man” Henry Donovan, the father of Rebecca’s husband, Senator John Donovan (Jimmy Smits), who is running for president when the series begins. Henry is described as a devoted father who is willing to do anything to make sure his son wins. It’s likely Henry won’t be too pleased when he learns Rebecca is taking a break from helping John campaign to deal with this terrorist threat.

Watch YT interview by The Knockturnal’s Meral Kathwari after the break:

Dancing With The Dead – Read Jameson Parker !

Dancing With The Dead – „an unconventional, brilliant, terrifying and compelling tour de force wrought with refined literary skill and governed by an abiding compassion“
( –Russell Chatham, author of Dark Waters)

More reviews on Jameson Parker’s new book which you can also order as a real book (with paper pages!):

Reviews of Dancing With The Dead

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This Is Us – Gerald McRaney’s Art of Making Lemonade

Interview from Entertainment weekly:

EW: Let me start here: Do you need a hug?
GERALD MCRANEY: (Laughs) Always. Always. It’s amazing — the older you get, the more open to having them you are.

I like that. Now let’s back up, actually, to the beginning. The pilot script for This Is Us comes your way. You read the part of Dr. K. What are your first thoughts? What intrigued you about this role?
What a great role it was to begin with. That one speech after the baby has been lost, advising him to try and move on with his life. When I first read that, it was like, “Gee! Who do I have to pay for this?”

That is one of the most memorable moments of the pilot: Dr. K’s speech to Jack when he’s consoling him. And then you issue that gem: “I’d like to think that one day you’ll be an old man like me talking a young man’s ear off explaining to him how you took the sourest lemon that life had to offer and turned it into something resembling lemonade.”
What a great line!Gerald_This-Is-Us_DrK
Did you know how special that line was at the time?

It felt that way to me when I read it, yeah. It’s an interesting use on words, because the doctor doesn’t say turn it into lemonade. Turn it into something resembling lemonade, which in plain speak is: Do the best you can with what you have.

Life isn’t all bunnies and rainbows.
No. And that’s one of the things I love about this show is that it doesn’t tie things up in a nice little ribbon at the end of everything — but people are going to try.

By the way, do waiters bring you free lemonades when you go out to eat now? Is it free lemonades for life?
No. No. I don’t get lemonade anywhere.

Really? I’m surprised. Are you not a fan?
No, I love lemonade! I make my own!

Dr. K returned in the fall finale and barely survived that very critical surgery. Were you surprised that they brought you back again? And were you thinking that when they did that it might be his last go-around considering the seriousness of the situation?
When I do a project like this, I don’t think too much in terms of where it’s headed in terms of my being on the show. It’s just such a joy to do it that I appreciate it when I’m doing it, and that’s one of the things in my approach to acting is I just enjoy the process, not so much the result…

You knew there was something special with this after the pilot. Were you thinking, “They may have me back once or twice”? What kind of role were you expecting?
I thought that they might bring me back for one or two episodes because I knew that they were going to be going back and forth in time. But I had no idea what that might be, and then what it might entail for me.

I heard that initially the way that script was written for the fall finale, Dr. K, like Toby, was left in jeopardy, as a cliffhanger. Were you asking them, “Well, what will my fate be?”
No. I left that totally up to them, because when you’re dealing with writing that good, who the hell am I to tell them how to do something differently? I mean, that would be ridiculous! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Quote from:
Get your tissues out:

Watch the episode highlight – The Art of Making Lemonade (after the break)

Happy Birthday Simon & Simon!

Happy Anniversary, Simon & Simon !

CBS Premiere Date: November 24, 1981!

Starring: Gerald McRaney as Richard „Rick“ Simon, Jameson Parker as Andrew Jackson „A.J.“ Simon, Mary Carver as Cecilia Simon, Tim Reid as Lieutenant Marcel „Downtown“ Brown


„Simon & Simon features two brothers who run a private detective agency in San Diego, California. Richard „Rick“ Simon (Gerald McRaney, „Major Dad“) is a street-smart Vietnam vet with blue-collar tastes. His college-educated younger brother, Andrew Jackson „A.J.“ Simon (Jameson Parker, „Prince of Darkness“), is more sophisticated and straitlaced.

The brothers are polar opposites whose vastly different approaches to life often come into conflict on the job. Laid-back, with a fondness for four-wheel-drive pickup trucks, ex-Marine Rick relies on his instincts to solve cases. A.J. is fastidious and prefers to follow the rules and solve cases by the book. Under the watchful eye of their mother, Cecilia (Mary Carver, „From Here to Eternity,“ „ER“), and with the assistance of their friend in the police department, Lieutenant Marcel „Downtown“ Brown (Tim Reid, „WKRP in Cincinnati,“ „Frank’s Place“), Rick and A.J. work together to pursue criminals such as kidnappers, computer hackers, crooked concert ticket brokers, counterfeiters and killers.“

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