Return To Laughter – by Jameson Parker

JPbook_returntolaughter   From Jameson Parker´s website:

 “Return to Laughter” is an insider’s account of the rise and fall and bittersweet redemption of a wild and wildly ambitious young star. Young Rocky Stone rebels against the stuffy and circumscribed world of his upbringing and climbs up the acting ladder to the top of the most glamorous profession there is, a world of wealth, fame, and privilege, as well as sex, drugs, and self-destruction. The birth of a child stops Rocky Stone’s downward spiral, but Hollywood is also a world where cheating and embezzlement are ways of life, and lives are considered disposable. When real disaster strikes, can a little girl save him? Perhaps a novel, perhaps a roman à clef, perhaps a biography, Return to Laughter weaves reality and fiction together to paint a portrait of Hollywood that is as true today as it has always been, a transient place of youth and beauty and adoration and the shadow of something evil.


Get the book as KINDLE edition via amazon! Publication date: January 9, 2013

Read Jameson Parker!

To learn about Jameson Parker’s new website today, really made my day.

Since his official website for his books was taken down a while ago (and wasn´t updated any more anyway) – to read his articles in several horsemen magazines was the only way to enjoy his beautiful way… let me say art… of writing.

Go to to read his bio, about his books (BTW, I like the cover of my copy of the „Accidental Cowboy“ much more!) and even a blog.

Here´s for example how to get your hands on Jameson’s new book The Horseman at Midnight !

PS I f you read this – I can´t express how happy I am to see your new homepage, good Sir!

An Accidental Cowboy

These books by Jameson Parker are so beautifully written… you will feel as if he is reading them for you.

An Accidental Cowboy

An Accidental Cowboy was released in 2003. As Thomas McIntyre, author of Days Afield and Dreaming the Lion said:

„In funny, wry, poignant, and sometimes elegiac prose, Parker vividly describes the modern fate of the traditional cowboy way, and of one tenderfoot’s tested spirit.“

Go here, to read an excerpt at AMAZON.

To Absent Friends

A Collection of Stories of the Dogs We Miss.

Jameson Parker´s first anthology.

To Absent Friends

To Absent Friends

„It is a collection of stories of dogs told by those they left behind. Most of the dogs in these stories were good dogs; some were what we may politely describe as eccentric, some were mischievous, some were just plain bad, but all were loved, and all are missed.“