Simon & Simon
is the best
TV show ever

Ah well, it definitely was (and still is) before I discovered SUPERNATURAL – another great TV show about a pair of brothers… who share the same brotherly bond, dedication and LOVE towards each other.

Can you compare a show from the 80ies – telling stories from two Private Investigators, living and working in sunny San Diego, driving a Camaro and a Power Wagon – to a pair of demon hunters… driving through the whole country, in a gorgeous 67`Impala, „Saving People… Hunting Things“ – now trying to stop the friggin´ Apocalypse?

Yes, because of their bantering, their funny lines, the perfect mixture of suspense AND fun on the other side, but most of all: their caring for each other. I LOVE them both. Both shows. Both characters. Both 4!

„We used to be in this together. We used to have each other’s backs.“