TDF Interview about „Dividing the Estate“


„It was a little nerve-wracking at first, but once the rehearsal process started, it all came back to me …. It’s much more enjoyable, in a way, because at a certain point it’s up to the actors, period. Doing TV or movies, you can give a mediocre performance and it can be fixed with the editing, or give a great performance that can be messed up later. That can’t be done in the theatre. It’s entirely up to us at some point, and the play’s in our hands. I like that.“

This is said by Gerald McRaney in an interview, found at the website of the Theatre Development Fund.

He talks about what led him appear in Horton Foote´s play „Dividing The Estate“ in which he stood on a Broadway stage last October.

Here´s the link to the full article:
All in the Family