Happy Birthday Simon & Simon!

Happy Anniversary, Simon & Simon !

CBS Premiere Date: November 24, 1981!

Starring: Gerald McRaney as Richard „Rick“ Simon, Jameson Parker as Andrew Jackson „A.J.“ Simon, Mary Carver as Cecilia Simon, Tim Reid as Lieutenant Marcel „Downtown“ Brown


„Simon & Simon features two brothers who run a private detective agency in San Diego, California. Richard „Rick“ Simon (Gerald McRaney, „Major Dad“) is a street-smart Vietnam vet with blue-collar tastes. His college-educated younger brother, Andrew Jackson „A.J.“ Simon (Jameson Parker, „Prince of Darkness“), is more sophisticated and straitlaced.

The brothers are polar opposites whose vastly different approaches to life often come into conflict on the job. Laid-back, with a fondness for four-wheel-drive pickup trucks, ex-Marine Rick relies on his instincts to solve cases. A.J. is fastidious and prefers to follow the rules and solve cases by the book. Under the watchful eye of their mother, Cecilia (Mary Carver, „From Here to Eternity,“ „ER“), and with the assistance of their friend in the police department, Lieutenant Marcel „Downtown“ Brown (Tim Reid, „WKRP in Cincinnati,“ „Frank’s Place“), Rick and A.J. work together to pursue criminals such as kidnappers, computer hackers, crooked concert ticket brokers, counterfeiters and killers.“

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Happy Birthday – Jameson Parker


Best wishes for a day full of joy and family and friends. Happy Birthday, Sir.

You’ll always be haunted by Simon & Simon. Soon it’s the show’s 35th anniversary!

Last Easter, I fulfilled my dream and spent a couple of days (with a friend from the US) in San Diego to visit some of the locations. It felt so unreal to walk along the canal near „AJ’s“ house in Venice, L.A.
I’m so thankful I had this chance after so many years!

Bless you – and your faunal and human family.

Simon & Simon ab 21.05. auf RTL Nitro

Simon & Simon rerun on german television! From May 21st on, RTL NITRO will show some episodes. Make your Saturday mornings a bit more worthy to get up!


Simon & Simon auf RTL NITRO! Nachdem die Jungs von der Riptide, das „Trio mit 4 Fäusten“ den Samstag Morgen etwas erträglicher gemacht haben, lohnt es sich jetzt für unsere Lieblingsbrüder aufzustehen!
Rick und AJ ermitteln samstags ab 07.00 Uhr in 2 Folgen hintereinander und Sonntag mittags noch einmal.

Gerald McRaney on TNT’s AGENT X

TNT’s TV drama series AGENT X might have been canceled very soon after its start in Nov, 2015 but at least it gave us the opportunity to see something of Gerald McRaney again. Also featuring Sharon Stone, we see him as Malcolm Millar, the Vice President’s chief steward and keeper of Agent X.

Here is a picture of the screening at the London West Hollywood on Oct 20th, 2015 – by „ZIMBIO“
More pics of the AGENT X screening © ZIMBIO
Watch the YT clip AGENT X – BEHIND THE SCENES after the break: