Hop hop – a special Easter bunny coming to you!

Florida based cartoonist Rob Smith jr. who’s famous for his cute „Swampy’s Florida“ characters like Trilby and Zuber and who also provides interested readers with the history of Florida and for example todays opportunities of hiking tours, drew a very special sort of Easter Bunny during one of his live sessions where he manages to put a smile back on people’s worried faces while we all have to endure these strange days living with „Corona“:

Hopp, hopp Rick Simon!
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„Town“ Tim Reid with Gerald McRaney

Tim Reid and Gerald McRaney had the opprtunity to work together!

Tim Reid’s Place posted a couple of pics on his FB profile, showing them reunited for „If I had wings“:

Quote: „Reunited with an old friend in a very touching film, „If I Had Wings.“ Now on Netflix. #ifihadwings #netflix #geraldmcraney #dollyparton #simonandsimon #stillinthehunt“

The post is from November 2019

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Happy Birthday Jameson Parker

While searching for latest pictures of Jameson Parker,



I stumbled across this article about Gerald McRaney mentioning Jameson Parker in this interview for the AV Club:  [link]

Gerald McRaney on Longmire, Simon & Simon, and The Neverending Story „Mackie“ talking about meeting his wife Delta Burke during „Designing Women (1987-1988)—“Dash Goff”“:


AVC: And then she (Delta) did an episode of Simon & Simon not long after that, right?

GM: Yeah, later that same year, I think, she came over and did an episode of Simon & Simon.

AVC: Was that a “turnabout is fair play” situation?

GM: Yes, it was. Absolutely it was. And the writers in that episode stole a line from me, because there’s a scene where the brothers are driving to meet this lady, and A.J.—Jameson Parker’s role—has never even heard about this woman, and there’s this big effect that the mention of her name has on me, and he wants to know about her, and I’m being rather closed-mouthed, and he says, “All right, just… what does she look like?” And there’s a little back and forth, and finally I said to him, “All right, well, one thing: She’s got those kind of gin-clear blue eyes that a man knows, once he’s lost in them, he’s never going to find his way out.” [Laughs.] Yeah, that was my description of Delta. They stole that and put it in the episode.