Video from my filming location visit – San Diego 2016

Some things take a lot of time because of….. procrastination!

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This video contains pictures from my visit to San Diego (Los Angeles) in 2016, when I had the chance to see:
– AJ’s house at the Venice Grand Canal/ Sherman Canal, LA
– Office across „Peerless Detectives“ at Vista Del Mar Ln. 6805, Playa del Rey
– Office in the KEATING building, 432 F Street, San Diego
– Office at Washington Qquare, near Venice Canals, LA
– Police Station, W Harbor Drive, San Diego
– Geisel Library at the UCSD, Gilman Dr, La Jolla
– Hotel Del Coronado


  1. Hi Diana!!

    I tried the original Yahoo SIMON fan page but it doesn’t seem to exist anymore.
    Or, like always, it didn’t acknowledge I’m a member. But I saw your page listed and was happy about that.
    I hadn’t gotten any emails in forever, so thought the group was dead. But saw Susan’s post about Gerald in FILTHY RICH. I wrote back and my email returned.
    I’m “friends” with him on FB but he never mentioned being in a new show. Or if he did I missed it.
    Once I posted something and he replied to it!
    Friends were all writing “Since when is Gerald McRaney a friend??”
    I never write any comments on anything he posts.
    Quite honestly I doubt it’s really him. He’s pretty busy to be cruising FB.

    I’m so glad you got to go to San Diego. Isn’t it beautiful?
    I went in 1988. The only office building I saw was on F street.
    But we went several other places that had been in filming.
    We took a lot of our destinations from A CASE OF DON DIABLO.

    I’m happy to get a chance to write a note. I’ve been planning to for tha longest time.
    You and Gina were the two I wrote personal emails with. I’m going to write to her. I’ll find out if her email changed.

    I hope you are doing well. Have you retired from the shop you and your husband ran? I remember you seemed to work all the time!

    The email I’m leaving is my email for friends. I don’t know how the other one I got SIMON Yahoo posts from wound up being my Group email.

    This COMMENT space said I had to leave a website. I don’t have a website. When required to do that I just put Facebook. And I can’t read the note in German that I checked. ?????
    Take care.
    Kathie Hart

  2. Diana

    Kathie! So good to hear from you.
    Are we friends on FB? I doubt. Why not?
    Here’s the recently pretty active FB group for Simon & Simon, see you there !

    FB S&S group

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