Where are they now? – Jeannie Wilson

Isn´t it nice to see what the cast is doing now? The White Rock Lake Weekly had a longer article about Jeannie Wilson who played „Janet Fowler“ during the first 2 seasons – read about her here:


Last weekend, Wilson and Lucarelli premiered their feature film, Disrupt/Dismantle, at Colorado’s Vail Film Festival to enthusiastic audiences. The film focuses on the Los Angeles Police Department’s elite undercover narcotics division, and the challenges its officers face trying to take down a powerful drug cartel while balancing their commitment to family. Wilson is associate producer and fills the role of Detective Stern, while the film is co-produced, co-directed and co-written by Lucarelli and his partner, Troy Price, and stars Lucarelli.

Excerpts, here:

„By the time many babies are barely mastering walking, Jeannie Wilson was taking dance lessons. In elementary school, she was training in tumbling and acrobatics, taking piano lessons and still dancing. During her junior year in high school, she became a runway and catalogue model.
This 1965 Lake Highlands High School (LHHS) graduate became a successful model, actress and singer. In 1967, she was named Miss Dallas, after winning the Miss Nacogdoches pageant while attending Stephen F. Austin University (SFA), both preliminaries to the Miss America competition. Then, in 1968, was crowned Miss Texas in the Miss USA pageant. While she did not win Miss USA, “Texas is half the USA anyway!” Wilson quips.“

Read the full article at: White Rock Lake Weekly – Where are They now? (I hope this page isn´t replaced by other articles)

„Wilson was a regular in the popular series Simon & Simon, performing in 33 episodes from 1981-1987. She became lifelong friends with co-stars Gerald McRaney and Jameson Parker. Wilson was in 12 episodes of Street Hawk in 1985, “having the pleasure of working with George Clooney. He is wonderful.”
Other TV roles have included Full House, Maude, JAG and Still the Beaver. The busy actress also appeared in Murder, She Wrote, Love Boat, Dukes of Hazzard, Fantasy Island, The Bionic Woman and many others. The talented singer was the opening act for Buddy Hackett in Las Vegas.
After commuting between Los Angeles and Dallas, Wilson moved to California in 1976 to pursue acting on a full time basis. She met Jack Lucarelli while studying acting at Film Actors Workshop. In 1980 she married Lucarelli, who is an actor, director and producer, and has performed with Wilson in a number of TV episodes.“

“I’m still friends with Jameson Parker and Gerald McRaney who I worked with on Simon & Simon. Angela Lansbury is sweet and giving. I loved working with her”


  1. I’m a big fan of the80s tv shows n have been collecting the dvds for a few years now . considering what us baby boomers have to watch I find myself loading up my dvd player as I am right now with season 1 of the simons and everytime I see Jeannie Wilson it makes me smile and happy to know shes still doing well. one of the most beautiful women o tv from the 80s n still is . I really miss those days but the great thing is wen tv is at its worst I can always pop in a simon episode magnum the fall guy hunter or MacGyver n Rockford because ive got all of them . Jeannie Wilson if you see this my son n I love you n hope to see you do more real soon.

  2. Anonymous

    Hi Jeannie, Clyde Combs talked me into doing a dance class with you and Cathy Brodrick at SFA. It almost killed me trying to keep up with you guys, but I did enjoy it. Lived in Vail for a while, and noticed you presented a new show there recently. Live in Houston, married and had three kids. Was a real estate developer for years and retired I am writing novels. Did a few screen plays in Hollywood during the seventies, worked Vegas also. Hope you are still shaking a foot, you were always a dream to watch.
    Don Dildy SFA ’72

  3. Tommy mcneill

    High Jeannie. So happy to hear of your success. After eight year of football I worked for Cameron iron travaling around us and Canada selling critical pipe for special power plants. Always, your friend tommy, on the ranch in Waller texas

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