An Accidental Cowboy

These books by Jameson Parker are so beautifully written… you will feel as if he is reading them for you.

An Accidental Cowboy

An Accidental Cowboy was released in 2003. As Thomas McIntyre, author of Days Afield and Dreaming the Lion said:

„In funny, wry, poignant, and sometimes elegiac prose, Parker vividly describes the modern fate of the traditional cowboy way, and of one tenderfoot’s tested spirit.“

Go here, to read an excerpt at AMAZON.


  1. Daisy Doolittle

    Enjoyed both of his books, well worth
    reading.. His courage & resolve to
    start over in a new direction with his
    life are inspiring. Hope things are
    all well & good for him & his family
    these many years later.. ­čÖé

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