A Jameson Parker Interview!

A total gem, something which is to be found very seldom – a interview with Jameson Parker, including some behind-the-scenes material. You´re gonna love it – although it´s also taken from a videotape and has a poor quality.

(This might not be working as an embedded link)

Technical issues? Here´s the direct link to the video: JPTVsegment


  1. naeema

    A true jem all right! this is the first JP interview I’ve seen,and i’ve been hoping to find one for days now since i started rewatching the show episodes on net!
    loved how he reacted when described as a sex symbol ! he was speechless and embaressed!so sweet!
    and saying when he looks at the mirror he watch a white bread looking! he is so humble!
    loved it! so thanks allot for the link.

  2. Isabel

    I’ve Never seen an interview with him ever. To a fan, this is pure gold. It’s weird watching them film the show. To me they’re so real I think I would freak out if I ever saw the bloopers. Thank you so much for this. I’ve download it to my hard drive and will keep in my Simon & Simon collection.

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