Final SEASON on DVD!

Dreams DO come true!

Here it is, announced by TV shows on DVD and released by Shout! Factory – the EIGHTh and therefore FINAL SEASON of SIMON & SIMON!

Memorable title episodes like ZEN AND THE ART OF THE SPLIT FINGER FASTBALL or THE MERRY ADVENTURES OF ROBERT HOOD and sadly SIMON SAYS GOODBYE are among the 13 episodes on the DVD set!

Preorder now! The official release date is 01/15/13


  1. lester lemar

    I have 5 seasons. I’d l;ike to get seasons 6, 7 & 8.

    you’ll have to give me a price of each seasin.


    Lester Lemar

  2. Diana

    You can order ALL seasons via Shout!Factory. There´s no other source!

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