Happy Birthday Simon & Simon!

Happy Anniversary, Simon & Simon !

CBS Premiere Date: November 24, 1981!

Starring: Gerald McRaney as Richard „Rick“ Simon, Jameson Parker as Andrew Jackson „A.J.“ Simon, Mary Carver as Cecilia Simon, Tim Reid as Lieutenant Marcel „Downtown“ Brown


„Simon & Simon features two brothers who run a private detective agency in San Diego, California. Richard „Rick“ Simon (Gerald McRaney, „Major Dad“) is a street-smart Vietnam vet with blue-collar tastes. His college-educated younger brother, Andrew Jackson „A.J.“ Simon (Jameson Parker, „Prince of Darkness“), is more sophisticated and straitlaced.

The brothers are polar opposites whose vastly different approaches to life often come into conflict on the job. Laid-back, with a fondness for four-wheel-drive pickup trucks, ex-Marine Rick relies on his instincts to solve cases. A.J. is fastidious and prefers to follow the rules and solve cases by the book. Under the watchful eye of their mother, Cecilia (Mary Carver, „From Here to Eternity,“ „ER“), and with the assistance of their friend in the police department, Lieutenant Marcel „Downtown“ Brown (Tim Reid, „WKRP in Cincinnati,“ „Frank’s Place“), Rick and A.J. work together to pursue criminals such as kidnappers, computer hackers, crooked concert ticket brokers, counterfeiters and killers.“

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„Notable series guest stars include Delta Burke („Designing Women“), Morgan Fairchild („Falcon Crest“), Dennis Franz („NYPD Blue“), Peter Graves („Mission: Impossible“), Alan Hale Jr. („Gilligan’s Island“), Jerry Orbach („Law & Order“), Joe Pantoliano („The Sopranos,“ „The Matrix“), Markie Post („Night Court“), Giovanni Ribisi („Ted,“ „Friends“), Marc Singer („The Beastmaster“), Marcia Gay Harden („The Newsroom,“ „Mystic River“), Eddie Albert („Green Acres,“ „The Heartbreak Kid“) and John Astin („The Addams Family“).

Although CBS nearly canceled the series after its first season, Executive Producer Philip DeGuere and writer Bob Shayne convinced the network to bring it back in a different time slot. After the show moved to Thursday at 9:00 p.m. and launched its new season in a crossover episode with „Magnum, P.I.,“ „Simon & Simon“ became a hit, running for a total of eight seasons.“

Infos about the show from: S&S – NBC


  1. Phil

    Simon & Simon was my favorite show growing up. And that fact that I was living in San Diego at the time made it even better. I loved the show then…and I still do. ­čÖé

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