Remember this sweet Muffin? ;)

This is from the episode „The Dead Letter File“ wherein Cecily Adams (February 6, 1958 – March 3, 2004) plays Muffin Goldstein, for a few seconds at least. 😉



You might recognize her as Jim Beaver´s wife, not only from his book Life´s THAT Way but from her work as a casting director or her appearance in several roles, like „Ishka“ in Star Trek.

When I read about Cecily´s role in Simon & Simon, I was interested to learn what her part was. LOL, it was only one line, but I´m sure everyone envies her because of those cool glasses!

Small, small world – her husband Jim played along with Gerald McRaney in DEADWOOD!

If you want to learn more about and FROM this great man, I recommend to read Jim Beaver´s book and follow him on Twitter (jumblejim) – it´s a joy! 🙂